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. we passed this budget, what impact did it have on the layoffs that were difficult decision for us earlier this year? >> debbie superintendent -- deputy superintendent lee. >> this was a tricky one. this makes a number of assumptions about revenues, expenditures, about ways to reduce expenditures, expenditures that remained, and so on. we have identified school based budgets and school based budgets are reflected in this overall budget for the district and i think that is the primary, not the only, but the primary part of the budget that is related to layoffs. there are layoffs that have been of limited and are moving forward to in central services departments as well. all those things -- the work in combination. we did have to reduce side budget allocations. we had a number of very consistent approaches to reducing expenditures in several centuries -- several departments as well. these are related to people as well for the most part. we also have layoffs that have not been recalled and some of our ascensions -- assumptions depend on the outcome of bargaining. we are planning to th
difference to us. it is just really helpful. when we come in here, it is under pressure. also, the out -- may not get beyond a few people. the notification and so on. so i really look forward to this. commissioner wu: thank you. any further public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner miguel: i would like to compliment joanna nad claudio -- and claudia for the work you have done so far. i have had some engagement over the last year's with the department. i conducted two noontime forums for them on basically answering questions, and they seemed very receptive and understood the principles that were involved. what i have a slight problem with is not your power point presentation -- although, please do not read slides word for word. i am finding in one section community stakeholders. then i am seeing residents and businesses. then public. then department stakeholders. by the way, stakeholders never divide. i think you are talking about the same people, but you are using all different terms, and that does not make sense to me. then i see under the statement of purpose down
the seating. you do not just sit with a black person or a white person. it is about all of us, or none of us, and that is the bottom line. it has to be that mentality. >> it is a way to control the prisoners. it takes the pressure off the guards and everybody else. they say we want to stop violence, but you promote a violence by segregating. when an individual comes, the first in the asking, where are you from? what is your nationality? that is how to divide and conquer. that is the way the united states is made up. that is how you work. north and south vietnam, for instance. they divide people so that the pressure will not be on them. that is how i see the system. i see it in prison, how they divide inmates. it is scary if inmates unite, and they do not like that. when i first come to prison, it will be a big thing if i went and sat with the blacks. it would be a big think if they caucasian sat with the asians. we only did that one time, where everybody got together, and we got what we wanted. when you unite, you can conquer. [applause] >> next question is for the commander. how can they co
of that church, and i used to live between jackson and -- i cannot remember the other street, washington -- and i know that church well. i used to vote at the elementary school. i know the neighborhood well and i know about the church. it was not in this shape until more recently. i have a hard time saying, gee, we should play this game again with a developer who, by the way, this is not their first time the radio. if you want to make changes to the project to work with the neighborhood, if you have had two years, a lot of time to work on this, even before the last hearing. i find it frustrating to the commissioners time and the public at large to have to have this conversation over and again when there is a very simple thing that we have asked, actually, early on, that was not done. we're not even talking about the building and at the scale. just talking about the bare minimum at this developer is from the community, is familiar with the planning process, unusual requests have not been made. i just find it really frustrating, frankly. in terms of ceqa, it is very clear we're not to approve a pro
is cooling, we look at what the slowdown means for u.s. corporate earnings, and the global economy. >> susie: and one company is making a big push into china, marriott international, a look at its latest earnings and strategy. >> tom: that and more tonight on "n.b.r.!" >> tom: markets were clearly disappointed today the federal reserve does not seem ready to act right away to boost the economy. minutes from the fed's june meeting show only a few policy makers wanted to expand a bond buying program known as quantitative easing to lower interest rates and boost the economy. but as darren gersh reports this is now really a question of timing. >> reporter: the fed was not willing to give markets an immediate monetary fix, but the latest readings from its policy making committee show a couple more lukewarm reports on the labor market might change that. >> and if these employment reports are still weak like this last one, i think a strong case could be made for the fed to expand its balance sheet and try to support the economy more. so, at that point it will be clear that the recovery has stalled
or will be used for. it is referred to as a parking lot and other times as a slush fund. you have $1.30 million for support for dream schools. they were the product of the consent decree and the consent decree is gone. if you want the additional hour after the teachers work day, there needs to be some consultation with the union over adding that two peoples day. there has not been that consultation. we note with concern that despite the flawed reporting in the papers, central office has grown by 4.29%. and the human resources cut that was recorded in the paper as being 30% is actually 0.9 of one position and not the 30% that was quoted in the paper. there are things in here with -- that we would expect you to address. those other outgoes, the d.r.e.a.m. schools. we want with some clarity what is going on. >> good evening. i am a parent of a student. i am here because i heard about drastic cuts that are being proposed to the early education program. i need to speak up for my 4- year-old daughter because she is too young to speak up for herself about the quality of her education. i heard each cla
legislation could cost a lot more than friends of obama claim. joining us from washington is mr. peter doocy. >> when the votes were tally this had repeal measure passed the house 244 to 158 and no republican defected. mark ross from arkansas, jim mestison and larry kis el from north carolina all voted in favor of repeal. it was the 33rd vote this gop controlled congress is put together to either repeal or de fund the affordable care act. the whole process is becoming a big time waster. >>> casting these votes begun and again and again probably on average once every few weeks does nothing to improve the got tomorrow line does nothing to send a single 18-year-old person to college. does nothing to help build new industries in this country. it certainly does nothing to help provide healthcare to the american people. >>> but republicans see things differently. according to the speaker of the house the only reason their bills haven't gone anywhere is because the senate has stepped up. they have the opportunity to wido just that. >> for those who support repealing this harmful healthcare law we a
that the government will not allow us. but they are gradually changing their mind. they say in 2015, maybe we can go on with the program. >> you should see the graph of car use and bicycle use in amsterdam when they increased parking fees. the car use went down, the bicycle use went up. higher parking fees are very effective in decrease in car use and increasing other modes of use -- in decrease in car use iqi 5u9 it was quite effective. another thing, peter talked about the parking permit. in amsterdam, you have to wait two and half years before it because you -- you have to wait two and a half years for the parking permit. >> people except they can just not have a car. in amsterdam, the other modes of transport are so well-organized, it is just like in the hague, a car is more of a new sense that a create a car is more of a nuisance and liability. it is expensive. the other modes of transport are much more convenient. >> ok, mike, you have a question? use the microphone, please. >> separated bike paths in the united states are controversial, and they're slowly catching on. how important is it to h
the years, i came to the conclusion that what we had been doing with the war on drugs was leading us in the wrong direction. the impact that it had and not only in communities -- quite frankly in our entire community was creating a situation which doesn't necessarily make us any safer and frankly, i think we have criminalized an area i think should be really looked upon as a health issue more than as a criminal issue, and i think consequently, a lot of the solutions we have tried in the last 2 1/2 decades have taken us to a place where today we cannot afford it economically. i can tell you that socially we have been broken for many years, but now the economic peace of it has come to play and that's probably why, quite frankly, we are reacting. i think we can deal with being socially bankrupt much easier than we can deal with being economically bankrupt. i think now we've come to the point where there's an intersection between the two. having said that, i also think it's important to recognize simply taking people that are broken, because most of the people that have drug addictions a
of regressions based on efficiency improvements and the surprising thing to us, which also gave us more robust numbers an the eia has but surprisingly we have understated the degree to which efficiency gains have been growing. we have i think down more significantly robust view of canadian production than the eia has, and that's partly based on new revisions from canadian producers and the canadian government, and we have an uptick actually in alaskan production, so i think the major differences are found in the deepwater and our judgments about efficiency improvements in tapping new technology into a very robust resource base. >> so what i hear is essentially it's a series of microanalyses of different opportunities rather than different macro assumptions about the investment environment and so on. let me ask something about timing, because adam, when i said your scenario doesn't have a north american independence case by 2020, i picked 2020 on purpose. right, if i look at the charts you had up there, you got to that point by 2035, and ed, you have it happening sometime between 2015 and 2020.
that. we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. and go to greta there is an open thread. see you tomorrow night. city. f. demand fbn. >> right. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and yes, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: it's a great day at "the five." a year ago today was the first day. and our co-host kimberly guilfoyle and juan williams will join us later. we have surprises for you. we hope you stay with us for the hour. but first, get to news. supreme court may have upheld obamacare but today the house voted to repeal it again. that included five democrats. the house has voted more than 30 times to scrap defund or undercut the law since obama signed it in 2010. efforts that went nowhere in a democratic controlled senate. listen to what both sides are saying. here is former house speaker nancy pelosi and current house speaker john boehner. >> the affordable care act is striking on the middle class, striking on the entrepreneurial spirit of america. it
, they ultimately recommended approval. those were the highlights of that hearing. which will put us under general public comment. at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items except for agenda items. with respect to the agenda items, i your opportunity to address the commission will correspond with the agenda. i have one speaker card. president fong: great. i have one speaker card. linda chapman. >> at a recent hearing, i told you about the history, and i just wanted to talk a little bit more about some of those buildings we were trying to save. at the time on jones street, there was a big move to demolish rental housing to create condo's. there were lessons learned from that. 1300 sacramento and jones, which is still there, was proposed for demolition. the battle went on for seven years. at the time, it was considered sensitive. it was a curated building. it was landmarked. all the sudden, the developer decided it would be a good thing to develop a 2200 story condo. and he evicted his 22 tenants. and mentioned this before. and then, what happened? the planning commissi
pretty hefty fight they have coming up. >> dana: watching this reminded me of when my mom and dad used to make me sit at the dinner table. sit there and wait. i was going to like it by the time, you know, the dish or whatever festered and i swallowed it down. in some ways i know that the democrats want to move on. america is not ready. why are you looking at me like that? >> greg: i didn't understand the metaphor. >> dana: you weren't ever told to sit there and finish the dinner >> greg: they kept me chained in a refrigerator in the garage. first, how could you see boehner? he blended in the paneling of the room. >> dana: is it summer. >> greg: i agree with eric, the vote is like the magic markers you see at places where you use a $50 bill or a $20 bill and they use the magic marker. it's a marker for common sense to see how you vote. they only got five dems but again, to see who is going to take the side. and the consequences that will happen later. >> dana: that is why they would never take it up in the senate. democrats on the ropes in the senate that would not get re-elected. >> an
nations involved, thereby, denying the united states an opportunity to intervene. but the u.s. has been pushing china to join a multi-lateral framework with asean claimants to draw up legally binding code of conducts. u.s. engagement with groups such as the asean regional forum reflects a shift in foreign policy under the obama administration. the asia-pacific is now the focus of american economic and military strategy. that means potential flash points including the south china sea are of increasing concern to washington, especially when it comes to the military presence of china. nhk world's anthony yazaki reports. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in phnom penh on wednesday afternoon. the first item on the agenda was a meeting with the foreign minister from asean where they exchanged views on the region's most delicate topic, the territorial disputes over the south china sea. >> i ask in my country why i put so much emphasis on asean, i tell them we work with asean on issues of central importance to the united states from maritime security to economic growt
. and bob costas will be with us to talk about the fallout. >>> nbc news exclusive, richard engel inside syria with survivors who lived to tell of an unimaginable day. >>> hidden risks. millions of american men have been using it to grow hair, but tonight an alert about propecia, serious side effects that could be permanent. >>> and rock of ages. they've been playing hard since jfk was in the white house. tonight mick and keith and company actually take time to reflect on 50 years as the stones. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening. penn state may never ever recover from this. in case you had any doubt about the impact of the child sex abuse scandal that's enveloped one of the once great names in college sports, today made it crystal clear when the report came out from louis freeh, former head of the fbi, saying some powerful campus leaders showed a total and consistent disregard for abuse victims while protecting other big names on campus versus the rights of powerless vict
, the president likes to say we're 4% of population, we consume 20% of the energy. the u.s. economy is 20% of the global economy and we use roughly 20% of the energy. that's about right. population is a demographic, not an economic input. and the fact of the matter is the whole narrative of the u.s. in the world, its role in the world, and our, as i say, the sort of selfish energy glutton, that's going to change as well. i mean, i think this is -- i do think this is on a scale of the berlin wall coming down, but i would also point out there's a book written after that came down called "the end of history" which was completely wrong. and i think that -- >> maybe it was just ahead of its time. >> way ahead. the fact of the matter is a lot of thought, in a lot of places around the world, tremendous decline rates. the notion there won't be tightness in oil markets globally, i think there will be tightness in markets. i think that certain technologies, renewable technolo technologies, they may not work here because gas prices are so low. they might work in a lot of other places. i think -- it
's a real challenge for us. i don't want to minimize it. roughly 40% of the people who are in the country unlawfully originally came on a visa. but the short answer to your question is they fall on the second prioritization. the question would be have they been here a relatively recent period of time or a long period of time? do they have other equities that mean they should be a lower priority for removal? for example, do they have united states citizen children? are they married to a united states citizen? those are the very real world decisions that we have to make when using the resources that congress gives us. we have about 34,000 detention beds on any given day by statute. there are more people than we can put in those. >> real quickly, do you have access to the entry level data if someone came in on a visa? i was reading some of the sharing of information of fingerprint data and you all have access to the illegal entry data? >> we do. as the chairman noted, right after 9/11, congressman dated information sharing and that's not only do we use it for purposes of these overstays, it'
that iranian oil output is falling in june to near 22 year lows as well. bringing back info use supply disruption that they are pointing out. let's just get a comment here from the head of research at orient financial markets. thanks for coming along. the iaea talking about oil demand. we get a read through sort of the global economic picture as well, talking about this muted recovery in global economies in 2013 and a very small increase in oil demand from 2012 into 2013. does that square with your global view of how the economies are likely to recover? >> yes, pretty much. i think what we've seen from china, what we saw korea today in terms of rate cuts, the japanese are holding steady because they already are at zero rates and not a whole lot more to do but the central banks certainly tend to agree with the assumption about the global slow down and it's inevitable under those circumstances that oil demand will go down. certainly from our part of the world here, there's no question that the amount of oil that we expect to be consuming for the remainder of this year and 2013 is not goi
think, because the situation we are in is completely different. most u.s. towns, when you start bicycling promotions, the first thing you do is to invest a lot of things, invest a lot of money without hardly any benefit because it will take sometime for people to go on cycling. so if the first time you have to -- it's a hard time because politicians will say oh, it's a waste of money because no one cycles. why would you invest in bicycle paths and so on? especially until you are in the upwards part of the slope as some towns, and even some u.s. towns. but like we are completely here. everything we do in cycling is immediately rehouston tiff. for instance, in -- rehouston tiff. for instance in amsterdam, they build 30,000 cycle places. i believe they will be filled from day one on because there is an enormous lot of people who cycle in the netherlands. and yesterday people asked me, tell me a little bit more, what are the benefits? and the benefits are in two directions. one of them that you can't tell in money, but it's about life. it's all the things we care about. it's about w
the south side, i think it is phenomenal. not even talking about using three architects. i think it is a wonderful example of how to really create tively use the freeway. all of the legal foundations in place for labor, for affordable housing, etc., i am comfortable with and i greatly appreciate mr. lee being a strong supporter. in the end, i believe the position the department takes is a correct one. however, market octavia -- having said that, i am very comfortable st. exceptional designed -- seeing exceptional designs. how we measure height and how we look at hickory alley, whatever. fees are being used for infrastructure improvements, the extension and the completion is in the spirit of using the money. it would -- it is perfectly justified. it is not just a self-serving thing. together with the idea of potentially having an agreement for hickory, at an innovative way which reinforces our market octavia it is developing. i think market octavia is one of the most exciting neighborhoods that is happening and i am really happy that we are -- we continue to support innovative des
envoy kofi annan says that israel and iran both back his peace plan. >> obviously, we're going to use the governmental parties to move in that direction. >> but the death toll in syria continues to rise. these images show mortar attacks on the outskirts of damascus. >> nine people have been killed and 11 injured and net -- and at a deadly avalanches in the french alps. german, english, at french, and swiss hikers were among the dead. >> among those feared to be among the victims, the avalanche struck high on the north face of the mountain. it began 11 climber accidentally dislodged a piece of the face. >> the search efforts continued. rescuers used polls at 4,000 meters in a desperate attempts to locate the missing. speculation on the cause of the accident against. investigators suspect it was caused by a block of ice that slipped from the mountain slopes. >> the heat of the ice could have been -- the sheet of the ice it could have been loosened by a mountain climber. it buried them beneath it. >> it is a popular access route to a location for 4,400 meters high. a lot of people were o
've seen eight number othe u.s statement saying >>> the filing of the fourth pitcher complains is part of our complaint the business is operating legally under state law but it is illegally under federal law. the owners here here at the harbor side are battling to fight this. we want you to answer what you think of the fed's cracking down on the pot shot and we will share your answers. >>> the former head coach joe paterno defends his school. the suspect it is not a football scandal and it should not be treated as one. it also does not tarnish the eight academic the much anticipated report is expected to come out in just an hour. it could answer one of the darkest questions are round pick his assistant coach, sandusky. the investigator spent the past months digging through diversity males. >>> the charges that have been brought are extraordinarily serious. >>> the report could be up to 200 pages long. it focused on school officials and the school culture that allowed it to continue for so long. this letter is a big thing. we know that their report is about to come out, the players are
curbs and gutters and creating more of a pedestrian field. -- feel. making useful spaces on the terraces. getting feedback from the community and working with staff, we developed a plan to create two courtyards, which reflect upon how the areas have been used before. gathering places for a lot of the social activities of the people in chinatown. the first plaza has a level entry in the central portion of the space. we expanded the amount of seating and enhance it with landscaping. the second courtyard steps down and addresses the secondary entry to the emergency room. it also allows the plaza to expand beyond and wraparound james alley. it becomes more of a unified campus look. moving left to right on the screen, you see james alley. we put in benches. we show street trees. because of the stretch of the weight is a loading zone -- stretch of the way it is a loving son, and there are a number of existing utilities, street trees will have to be in pots. we begin to address some of the urban issues of framing the entries in making it more of a unified front. we do see an opportunity on ston
down. that has allowed us to use the resources that we have always been using for community programs and to use them now for this population that is coming out of state prison or directly to us, instead of to state prison. i have a slide here talking about the parole violation we have seen. those are really jumped. yes, they have jumped quite a bit. a total that we have had is about 1439 parole violations in the past 30 months, which is a dramatic increase. we still have maybe 20 a month at the most. this is kind of on heard of. however, if you look at that, some of them were sent to county jail for parole violations, some released without any further effort on our part. we have a number of violations, some with parolees. once again, violations, not people. some of these people have violate more than once, some more than twice. >> what are the reasons for that huge increase in parole violation? >> i wish i knew the answer. i would suspect that what is happening is the state prisons have more people coming in rick recognition a realignment, and now it is coming down to the local level
this intersection. and how to accommodate many modes end users. this is a street that is well used by cars. a number of muni lines go across broadway or long runway. we have bike routes, and we have traffic that is really important, particularly to the businesses that are on stockton street. one question we asked was if there is an opportunity to reallocate the roadway to better serve the uses we see on the street today? traffic analysis shows that there is a morning toll lane that is not at capacity right now, so our preferred design option really builds on this idea. what we have proposed is that we would eliminate that eastbound tolling, and that allows us to have two traffic lanes in each direction, and then we can provide parking all day on both sides of the street. a number of other streets -- streetscape amenities would be included such as crosswalk improvements, lighting. the package we are seeing in other streetscape improvements across the city. and in transit improvements. there are two bus stops on the street, so how to improve existing bus stop locations. if we zoom in, this is really t
, not that is only required by law. so you can't make the findings and i would ask you to deny the conditional use and not make the findings. president fong: thank you. joyce lewis. we have to keep the door clear. i think most of you guys have kind of spoken already. kathleen courtney, frank clamath, michael finnick, i think you may have spoke already, willie adams. >> i'm joyce lewis. first of all, i would like to say that i have lived in the neighborhood for over 40-plus years and even as a child, myself and my siblings were sent to that church for sunday school. so i do have a long history with the church itself. i also wanted to note that the neighbors and the neighborhood association had tried to work with the developer and the respond -- sponsor for many years as we are anxious to have this abandoned building dealt with. it's a aye sore and the homeless and all of that other stuff that has been going on. but 20 years ago, it was really a beautiful church as one person had noted how it was so like a piece of art and so that it was actually an asset to the neighborhood. it brought space to the
to go into detail on his condition. he does not owe us too much of an explanation. >> cenk: i couldn't disagree more. does anyone in the country believe that it's really execs exhaustion. >> i'm excited that the media is covering a missing black person. this is groundbreaking. all right? this is not a young attractive white girl. it's amazing. >> cenk: fair enough. >> generally i tend to side on the side of privacy even if you are a public official. he has been gone. exhaustion is not enough detail. even if we don't know what it is he's out for, we need to know if this is a flu, are you going to be back in a couple of weeks or are you terminally ill. >> cenk: we just got breaking news and it's only fox news. but they're reporting that the jackson family has been saying that it's a moodies order. i don't know what that means either. >> it means that something is wrong with us and it's really not our business right now. okay jesse jackson, you have to come back in if you're losing your mind, say it on the floor of the congress. calm down. he's still a human being. like i said, it's bee
there at the convention. plus, a local professor will join us live with what she thinks is romney's best move forward. >> split second decisions are made every day by law enforcement and officers in prince george's county are getting high tech training to help them out. wisdom martin is putting their new system to the test. >> later, your one stop shop for the cutest cat and how you can take part in a new festival. look at that. that is super cute. >> what is it about cat videos -- >> look how long he's on his back legs. >> and fighting the air. first let's go to tucker barnes. he has the latest on the weather. hey, tucker. >>> weather looks fine. sunshine today. upper 80s to about 90. where we should be this time of year. without much humidity, and without much threat for showers and thunderstorms. should turn into a decent day. there's a little cloud cover, southern maryland, towards st. mary's city, leonardtown, you have a little cloud cover. and lower eastern shore as well. the rest of us, bright sunshine. the trend will be plenty of sunshine for most of us, and again we should be dry today with
for the use of the adjacent property. that is not what we would do today. we typically require no special restrictions. maybe that was an oversight because the properties were under the same ownership. when you have another property and you have the nsr, that as not owned by the same property owners. that may have been an oversight at the time because the properties were under the same ownership. that is my interpretation of the facts as best as i can pull them together. this is a unique circumstance. i will be available for additional questions. there is a curb cuts. it is clear on the plans there is an 18-foot wide curb cuts. i do not know where the allegations of the neighbor going in the dark of the night and creating a new curb cuts are coming from but that is an established curb cuts. there is a curb cut there, it is on the plans. that is -- i am available for any questions. president hwang: anything further? the matter is submitted. >> i will start by stating the obvious. there is no doubt that the joining at the hip means separation. the only reason i discussed that is -- let me b
of a slur. that's not the name of the program. i know oftentimes as pundits, we use it loosely, but some people feel that's a negative term, even a pejorative term, and he was booed. he was actually applauded when he first came out. he got some other rounds of applause, because the -- and these are the very black leaders he claimed to have talked to on fox tonight. he brought about 20 black republicans with him into the room, and they kind of served as applauders for his applause lines. it was bizarre. i think a term you used was weird. he made several of the statements that were really strange. he even made other statements that many of us thought were disrespectful. for example, he talked about preserving traditional marriage, to an organization that most recently, this is the oldest civil rights organization in the country, most recently just endorsed marriage equality. he made a big pitch for charter schools to an organization where there's really no consensus about that. there are a lot of communities, especially in new york, the new york state conference and the naacp is dealing wi
and the suspect had used. tonight officers patrick grant and michael tursi are being recognized for their efforts. they are being awarded the gold medal of valor. [applause] >> captain paul chignell, along with officers tastings ahastingd lopez. >> good evening to you all. my pleasure to introduce richard hastings and that lopez. -- matt lopez. saturday, july 16, 2011, officer richard hastings and asked matt lopez were on duty and in uniform. their primary assignment was to be on a fixed post detail on the imminence of a railway platform on third street between oakdale avenue and plu avenue. this platform and the surrounding areas are notorious for high incidence of robberies, aggravated assaults, indiscriminate shootings, gang activity, illegal firearm possession, as well as a multitude of quality of life cripes. the bayview station has dedicated a high-level police resources to this area, particularly to a recent rash of robberies on and adjacent to the platform. well on the platform, officers tastings and lopez contacted the subject later identified as kenneth harding jr.. he was on the railw
for being with us tonight. have a good one. >>> what was the big surprise when mitt romney spoke to the naacp today? he only got booed three times. >> mitt romney dreams the impossible dream. >> mitt romney went in search of something he had not looked for before. >> if you want a president who will make things better in the african-american community, you are looking at him. >> the african-american vote. >> mission impossible. >> more than 90% of african-americans support the president. >> a high-stakes appearance for moim mitt romney today at the naacp. >> mitt romney and the naacp. >> i do love that music. i have to tell you. i do love listening to that organ music. >> romney just never connected to his audience. >> things went smoothly until he decided to take on the president's health care plan. >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. >> the crowd shouted him down with boos. >> that includes obama care, and i'm going to work to reform and save -- [ audience booing ] >> he is the worst republican in the country. >> all of us saying that rick
in this early. you guys are amazing. the history of the pink triangle. the pink triangle was used by nazis in concentration camps to identify and shame homosexuals. this symbol, which was used in an attempt to label and shame, has been embraced by the gay community as a symbol of pride. [applause] that is right. however, in the 1930's and 1940's, there was nothing to celebrate. gays were forced to wear the pink triangle on their pockets in the concentration camps. to identify them as homosexuals, to set them apart from the other prisoners. triangles of various colors were used to identify each category of undesirable. yellow for the jewish, brown for gypsies, red for political prisoners, green for prisoners, black for anti-socialist, purple for jehovah's witness, blue for immigrants, and tank for homosexuals. the pink triangles were slightly larger than the other triangle'' so that the guards could identify them from a distance. it is said that those who wore the pink triangles were singled out by the guards to receive harsher treatment and when the guards were finished with them, some of
campaign and mayor gray told us that his attorney told him not to say anything more than he has. remember, three people connected to gray's campaign have pleaded guilty to felonies. yesterday, three council members called on the mayor to step down. today, council member jim graham tells us that he toppled the mayor on the phone last night he must speak up and needs to do it soon. let's first hear from the mayor and comments from graham. >> i think you're as frustrated as i am. i would like to address a lot of things. because of the continuing nature of the investigation, which i have said all along, there is nothing that i can going to say. >> i made it very clear and at in point in time, i mean -- and this is very, very urgent. there are a lot of demanding questions. that he has to respond to as best he can. >> and what type of timeframe are you giving him in. >> i will -- it will be within a matter of a couple of days. >> and i will have to re- evaluate. >> the mayor made it clear he has no plans to resign. when asked about the council members who asked him to step down yesterday, he wa
this can re-scramble the u.s. economy, you know, in this positive way, or, perhaps, in not so positive of a way? are we going to become a new -- an energy state? going to become trapped in the resource curse? >> well, in many ways this question of energy independence, wherever it takes you, wants to get there, we already are a net exporter of coal. we don't really import a lot of electricity. eia forecasts that we'll be a net export of natural gas by 2020, and we had a very thorough discussion of the potential on the oil side. as the only federal employee on this panel -- >> see, i didn't ask you whether you thought president obama would benefit from this. >> i would say that the role of the federal government has not been, i don't think has been as negative as some have characterized it. natural gas and oil and hydraulic fracturing, a lot of the 3-d seismic technology used in this got its start in federal labs. the independents that were responsible for the breakthroughs in natural gas fracturing were helped tremendously by a federal subsidy on natural gas production. it was a dollar
of land use and to the full board and it will be considering that i am on july 17. supervisor chu: does that complete your presentation? i do have a few questions. with regard to the 50-year positive experience we have currently, i think the budget analyst report noted in your presentation and you relate we have not been receiving revenue at our current configuration. from my understanding, that the result of our actions through relocating the produce market from where it used to be from part of the redevelopment work. >> that is correct. the genesis is from the embarcadero we development in the 1960's and the movement of this site to its current location in 1963 that started the current 50-year lease. >> so we moved to prevent -- supervisor chu: we moved them to their present location because of redevelopment and the benefit -- that was sort of a structure we created? >> that's right. it really was a community- driven process to create the purchase of this site and a gift of deed and leaseback that was orchestrated and the early 1960's by key san franciscans to move it forward. supervi
often and spur a son and remind us why we are here. -- spur us on and remind us why we're here. i would like to give the school. -- school board members an opportunity to say something. does anyone want to start? commissioner maufas: thank you. i will speak first this time because i think when we voted you in, i may have spoken last and it was to cast a no vote for carlos. it was not so much about him. i was not sure about our process and how we came to the decision and i was not ready yet and i had stated that. but today, even telling the community, they would ask me, do you like him yet and it was not so much about that. it was, this is our superintendent and this is the gentleman i have to work with and i have to work with him with the community as well. i have to tell you, it has been up from that moment. up and all the way. and want to thank you for your service. i know there have been lots of tensions, pushes and pulls, but that is the part of the deal. we are supposed to have that and it is healthy. there was never a time when we could not come to the table and have a discussion,
used before. so i hope that is separated from this and but, for this project cannot go forward, thank you. >> linda chapman for knob hill neighbors which fought a project once before. i thought 13000 sacramento was the worst thing that happened to knob hill. at least they kept the homeless and blight inside for the seven years that we fought them until we stopped it. during that time, it was recognized as such a threat to the city that all of the neighborhood groups came in and we had a list of 45 organizations including coalitions of churches and everyone else. we have to remember who is the owner here. it is the methodist church. the methodist church needs to get an alternative. they need to stop coming in with this kind of project. you have to use the no project alternative that is considered in the e.i.r. and vote no. and then eventually they will come in with something that will eliminate the blight whether it be partial restoration which we hope will happen or whether it be a project that is compatible with the neighborhood. this is a perfectly decent looking building. south of
.com and check this out on twitter for instant updates and you can give us your two since on our facebook page. >> also 29 a report is out on the internal investigational into the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. it is a scathing report that says many top school officials including the late coach joe paterno kept quiet about the allegations against jerry sandusky. brad bell is live with reaction to the report. >> this is a community that loves penn state, loves penn state's football team, and they loved joe paterno. that is why many people here on college avenue are telling us this report herds. tonight in state college one aspect will trample the rest. the claim that joe paterno knew of jerry sandusky's abuse of children in participated in a cover up to avoid bad publicity. >> he is burry but they will continue to bury him from the sound of it. clucks he was hired to determine what campus officials knew about the crime. he announced the result of his investigation at a philadelphia press comments this morning. the bottom line -- joe paterno and those above him put the school and footbal
to be put to use in buildings. they'd come up with all of these different patterns. this car on the left is two cars end-to-end with a connecting vestibule. it's kind of an i pattern so you could have a cabin in one car, a compartment in one car. the other car might be your mother-in-law. and you could meet in the middle in that sorted of connecting section for breakfast. they did similar things. they'd put like four in a cross with a connecting part in the middle. and you could see these are not exactly a.d.a. accessible. they're up here on these platforms above the sandunes. you can probably guess why. if you can't, i'll give you another view here. this is the same view pretty much. so you can see that car up above the sandunes. but here it's getting sort of buried. the sand would shift. and it would blow around and they talked about if you lived in a car house how you might get up in the morning, open your door, and there would be a three-foot drop. or if you made the mistake of having your door open out, you might not be able to get out because the sand billowed up against the door i
jr. office tells us why he has been out of action. live with what we know. >> in the absence of credible information concern about the well-being of the longest serving a 47 year-old congressman has been growing brief statement from doctors may do little to ease the concern. congressmen preceding intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder responding positively to treatment. that is everything. few words followed frenetic day some rev. jesse jackson of avoiding the press but first time a 41 year history of the conference of rainbow push coalition. his wife alderman sandi jackson who suggested earlier in the day statement from her husband's doctor is likely coming soon after chorus of calls from his fellow democrats to tell constituents some think. compassion that governor pat quinn. wirth pointed out never reported anything about the alcohol or substance abuse not long after the spokesperson of congressman jesse jackson jr. delivered how he is doing. >> mood disorder what they are telling us what exactly does that mean? talking with
from work to fight for the return of her children. she is in tonesia now and spoken to us by phone. >> it is mentally and emotionally draining. right now, we are grateful and expecting to be home. >> she is grateful because her ex is allowing her to see the children. but she won't be able to return to the u.s. until the courts recognize the terms of her u.s. divorce and grant her guardianship. it's now a waiting game. >> the fbi is also waiting. waiting for the children's father to attempt any travel. of course he can't come to the u.s. or he will be arrested and because he is on that list, if he tries to leave and cross any border, he would also be arrested. the fbi would extradite him back to the u.s. to face a parental kidnapping charge. brian. >>> a developing story right now out of northern virginia's horse country where investigators say they have several persons of interest they are talking to in the murder of newspaper reporter, sarah green hall. bob is live in the newsroom with an update. >> the case is moving quickly. they are following a number of leads, have no one s
was using medical grade silicone. >> some clients were strippers who believed a bigger behind would earn them extra cash at the clubs. she would inject women up and down the east coast and falsely told them she was using medical grade silicone. many are left with disfigured bodies, even organs that shut down. >> did you know what was being injected into your body? >> no, i did not know. we still don't know what it is. i almost went into a deep depression over this because i felt like i did this to myself. i do feel like i'm one of the lucky ones. >> prosecutors say one of the clients, a dancer was hospitalized when silicone entered her bloodstream and spread to her lungs. >> reporter: feds say she is not a licensed medical pra tigs ner, she would -- practitioner, she would use crazy glue to sale -- seal up the wound. >> the u.s. attorney officer worked with the food and drug administration on this investigation. >>> an over night accident takes the life of a teenager in howard county. the crash happened in columbia just after 3:00 a.m.. a 17-year-old lost control of his car and hit a tre
,000 square feet into office use. currently the building as 100,000 gross square feet, of which 24,000 square feet is dedicated to parking. the subject building will receive authorization for 49,000 square feet of office space. there are no alterations proposed under this application. the project sponsor has submitted a concerned maintenance plan. it would result in 140,000 of gross square feet. the proposed project requires the use of planning code section 8 cents bid has been found it eligible for the california register. 220, the historic preservation commission review the proposed maintenance -- june 20, the historic preservation commission reviewed the proposed maintenance plan. step was received no public comment on the proposed project and recommends approval. thank you. president fong: is there any public comment? >> good afternoon, commissioners. john on behalf of the private sponsor. the building was built in 1920's as an industrial building. it underwent renovation in 1984. it is currently being proposed to be completely converted to office use. there are no interior or exterior re
compared with projections, we recommend using the same marker as arena. thank you. >> thank you. any public comment on this item? we have two speaker cards. the first is dominate -- domin ique tan and hattie lu. any other public comment on this item? >> peter cohen. we spent a lot of time on the housing element drafting process. l ++ elements the city has had. it is nicely crafted. there were implementation measures at the back. number one would create what is number one would create what is called a dashboard, regular it is the best practice. we're institutionalizing our commitment. it is something we see we're holding ourselves to in our day- to-day practice. we're not here to tell the planning department how to work. we think these are compliments to how data is made available to the public, policymakers, and the board. on specifics, the mood to the administrative code makes sense. we looked at that. the section is where other monitoring requirements are being packaged. it seems an appropriate place. how are details suggestion is to title that in an intuitive way. we would suggest callin
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